Analysis of selfie casualties

To gain a better understanding of the reasons behind selfie deaths, victims, and such incidents, every news article reporting selfie deaths was collected. We used a keyword based extensive web searching mechanism to identify these articles.
We used the Alexa ranking of news sources to verify the credibility of the information collected by us. We only considered articles hosted on the websites having either their Global Alexa ranking less than 5,000, or having a country specific Alexa rank less than 1,000. The first selfie death incident found by us was reported in March 2014.

We manually collected information like the country, the reason for death, the number of people who died, and the location where the selfie was being taken for each reported incident to build our data set.

Year-wise distribution of number of casualties; N = 255
Distribution of the number of casualties per incident
Distribution of casualties by Age
The 255 selfie casualties that have studied by us have occurred as a result of 174 different incidents. This includes 50 group incidents, where multiple deaths were reported in a single incident. By analyzing selfie deaths - in terms of group and individual deaths, it can be concluded that taking dangerous selfies not only puts the selfie-taker at a risk but also can also be hazardous to the people around them. We analyzed the selfie casualties to ascertain the demographic of the people who have been invloved in such incidents. The numbers indicate that risk taking selfie behaviour is more popular among millennials.

Distribution of casualties by Gender

Although it is known that women take more selfies than men, however, our incident analysis showed that men are more prone to taking dangerous selfies, and accounted for roughly 71.37% of all the casualties.

Distribution of incidents and casualties by the selfie risk type

Our study of the selfie deaths that have occurred in the past revealed 8 major reasons for the casualties.
Height Related selfie deaths have been most prominent. There were also multiple cases where the selfie-taker exposed himself to both the height related and water body related dangers, thus we have analyzed such incidents separately.
The different risk types have been described below, along with the death toll and number of incidents due to each in the following graph.

  • Height Related
  • Water Related
  • Height and Water Related
  • Train Related
  • Animal Related
  • Driving Related
  • Weapons Related
  • Electricity Related

  • Geo-Distribution of sefie death incidents

    Below, we present how the selfie death incidents are distributed around the world. India has the dubious distinction of being the country with the maximum number of selfie deaths, which is 152 casualties. For each country, it is also possible to see the number of selfie casualties that have occurred.

    Distribution of reasons for selfie deaths

    To understand and tackle the issue of selfie deaths, it is important to realise how the reasons of selfie casualties are distributed around the world.